Chanel’s classic Flap Bag is undeniably one of fashion’s most important accessories. Case in point: Flap Bags are all over Instagram right now! But before it became the trendy bag it is today, it was actually quite revolutionary.

Coco Chanel has a long history of creating designs inspired by a shift in lifestyle, and the Flap Bag was a reaction to 1920s women becoming more active. Coco wanted to provide women with suitable clothing for their newfound freedom, so she designed a bag that allowed them to go hands-free. Historically, it was not acceptable for high society women to wear a bag on their shoulder, but Coco's design took well to the market. It wasn’t until February 1955 that Chanel successfully launched the infamous 2.55, and since then, the Chanel Flap Bag has seen numerous iterations.

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