Written by Ambria Mische, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at What Goes Around Comes Around.

Close your eyes and picture your dream closet. While it might feel like an entirely unattainable dream at first, filling a closet of this caliber doesn't happen overnight—and we're here to help. With the expansion of the resale market and sustainable shopping initiatives worldwide, investing in luxury vintage has never been easier. As What Goes Around Comes Around's Senior VP of Merchandising, I recommend narrowing your selection down to what I believe are the dream closet essentials. Just below, you'll find the four classic pieces and four fashion pieces I suggest starting with.

The Classics

  1. I always say, "think of what you gravitate towards on a Saturday afternoon." After you've slept in, checked off your weekend to-do list, and have had ample time to apply all 10 steps of your beauty regimen—ask yourself what designer piece you'd like to wear to continue feeling your best. I find that a Black Lambskin Chanel Classic 2.55 is a good way to dress up an informal errand look, or round out a casual coffee date ensemble.
  2. Kitschy classics are also key, especially for your go-to dinner party bag. I always opt for something a little less predictable than a Wallet on Chain or a Classic Flap for a fun night with friends—like a playful Dior Saddle Bag or a Monogram Double Saddle Bag.
  3. Classic costume jewelry is always a good idea. Gold Chanel Turnlock earrings miraculously work just as well with jeans as they do with ballgowns. If you’re not an earrings person, a Chanel Turnlock Necklace has the same effect.
  4. The iconic Louis Vuitton Noe Bucket Bag is the fashion “it” girl’s respected treasure. The silhouette itself gets recycled every few seasons, as new designers try their hand at creating a new version of what Louis Vuitton perfected so many years ago. Though still available on Louis Vuitton's website, the Noe was made for a vintage vibe—the more the wear, the cooler it becomes. This is a must-have as far as I’m concerned.

Fashion Pieces

  1. The color and material of a Chanel Classic 2.55 can entirely change the kind of statement it makes. Once you have your staple black lambskin, have fun exploring different colors and hardware. Take a metallic silver with contrasting gold hardware for example—suddenly your classic Chanel becomes anything but classic.
  2. When it comes to work bags, a reliable and convenient tote is pretty much a requirement. Whether you're stuffing in a pair of sneakers or cramming in a couple of books to read during lunch, you definitely need a tote or two with tons of room and the ability to withstand some wear. Louis Vuitton Neverfulls are my favorite, especially from the Stephen Sprouse Collaboration.
  3. Taking a handbag risk and splurging on a quirky style is a hard decision to make, but if you're committed to developing your dream closet, an attention-drawing bag is a must. A significant piece like the Chanel Pink Patent Milk Carton Bag is not only eye-catching, but also a great investment.
  4. The Frank Gehry x Louis Vuitton Twisted Box with a top handle is a play on the vanity silhouette, but the size makes it ideal for toting around to grab dinner or go shopping. It’s also widely recognized by celebrities, influencers, designers, and the art world, meaning it will appreciate in value over time.