Chanel jacket available exclusively at What Goes Around Comes Around's Soho store.

We asked Jamie Frankel, fashion stylist and friend of What Goes Around Comes Around, to predict what will be hot this fall and what trends should chill until further notice.

Who is killing it in the personal style game recently?

I really like and relate to (Vogue Ukraine Fashion Director) Julie Pelipas’ strong sense of personal style. You can tell she has a deep understanding of what she wants to achieve in every look she wears and everything she styles. I respect when people can pick a lane with their personal style and create a signature aesthetic that it true to themselves and is true to what moves them. 

Do you have a style muse?

Lauren Hutton has always been a style muse for me. She has always found a way to make tailored classics look sexy and sexy look chic. I also love (Vogue Paris Editor-in-Chief) Emmanuel Alt’s effortless sensibility that consistently looks cool and pulled together at the same time. I’d be withholding information if I didn’t mention Kate Moss, because, well, Kate Moss. 

There is always a new meets old school mix to your styling choices. What styles, trends, or pieces are best to buy vintage?

Levi’s 501s, forever and always. I collect vintage denim of all washes and fits, but my light wash 501 options are always on heavy rotation. Fit is really hard with vintage denim, so when you find a pair that fits never pass them up! What Goes Around Comes Around literally digs for the gold of vintage Levis so it’s always my go-to. I’ve been really into vintage tie-dye concert tees too – worn in tie-dye just feels better. Obviously, can’t go wrong with anything vintage Chanel or Saint Laurent – they are classics you will cherish forever. 

What is your style forecast for Fall?

‘80s baby! Bring back exaggerated shoulders, leather, polka dots, florals and glammy jewels. Saint Laurent and Christopher Kane did a great job of making 80s-inspired looks super modern and fresh this season. Also, majorly oversized bright, layered outerwear that would make a lot of subway passengers upset if one were to wear their Balenciaga on the rush hour train.  

What are the three things that everyone should add to their wardrobe next season?

A modernized western boot which looks updated in an optic white or black with contrast stitching – or a thigh high version like Givenchy’s.

Faux fur! It’s great that so many brands have gone fur-free and are having fun with it. Even Gucci has gone faux with really advanced technology creating super luxe-looking and feeling results.

A handkerchief midi skirt with a mashup of different patterns which looks great with an oversized sweater and over-the-knee boot.

Above: Chanel jacket and Yves Saint Laurent pant are available exclusively at What Goes Around Comes Around's Soho store. Yves Saint Laurent dress is available exclusively at What Goes Around Comes Around's Soho store.

What trends will be dead this fall?

It’s time to move on from “millennial” pink. I’m really loving lavender and yellow as updated pastel alternatives – even for fall. I also think the bomber is over, especially going into fall. It’s ok to revisit every once and a while in the right setting, but this fall’s trends are sleeker and more structured – replace it with a double-breasted blazer or checked oversized coat.  

What’s the worst fashion advice that you wish the fashion community would stop saying? 

I’m really over the “OMG, THIS IS EVERTHING” saying. Our industry, fashion history ,and current trends are very culturally important, a huge business and a true passion, but it is not EVERYTHING. I know the saying isn’t literal, but some people do act as if nothing else matters. When work gets super stressful or even when the industry’s output is overwhelming to keep up with, I try to keep things in perspective and focus on the stuff that truly matters to me and be grateful for those things, like the people I love and health – because that actually is EVERYTHING.