Written by Paige Rubin, Edited by Kate Friedman

Just one year after Karl Lagerfeld’s death, the longtime Chanel designer's runway shows are widely recognized to be the golden age of the French luxury house. In terms of collectibility, the mid-1990s were without a doubt the peak of Lagerfeld's tenure, where the designer truly hit his stride. Karl blended classic Chanel iconography with the sexiness of the era's supermodels, paired with a touch of cheeky subversiveness.

Lagerfeld’s Fall 1993 collection for Chanel exemplifies this balance, featuring a reinvention of the crisp and classic white button up, contrasted with wild accessories adorned with billowing faux fur and thick, chunky chains. When describing his creations that season, Lagerfeld is quoted to have said, “Too much underground is boring and too much upper class is boring – you have to be right on the edge.” We are lucky enough to have acquired two iconic maxi flap bags that were featured on this season's runway and perfectly embody the collection's ethos: a Tweed & Faux Fur Maxi Flap and a Crushed Velvet Whipstitch Maxi Flap.

Scroll down to shop two classic styles embellished with details that are anything but ordinary. Both bags are so rare that they are almost never seen on the resale market... and when they are, you can expect that they will be snapped up rather quickly by Chanel collectors.

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