Jet setter. Mother. Wife. Entrepreneur. Influencer. Trendsetter. These are just a few ways to describe Tina Craig. She has built a successful following, @BagSnob, and is a leading influencer and entrepreneur. We asked Tina how she plans to spend the holidays and to select her top picks for the season.

What are you looking forward to this holiday season? 

Family time! I feel like I live on an airplane sometimes. All I want for the holidays is kisses and attention from the boy (and diamonds from hubby). 

What are your holiday plans? 

We spend Thanksgiving back in L.A. where I’m from. Then, it’s off to Tokyo with Valentino for the Pre-Fall 2019 show, Aspen for Snow Polo with St. Regis for me (my boy usually joins me for some ski time) followed by Christmas at home with my husband’s entire family. I cook for around all 30+ of us every Christmas Eve! I never make plans for New Year’s Eve, I don’t need to be out all night with a million drunk people. I like ringing in the new year with my family in my pajamas with a glass of my favorite champagne –  Ruinart Rosé.

What do you get a woman who has it all?

Honestly, unique experiences are the best gifts. Try a cooking lesson with a famed Michelin chef (hint, hint for whoever reading), a hot air balloon ride over Napa, or a private tour with an archeologist at the Pyramids, etc. Another exotic Hermès Kelly to add to my collection wouldn't hurt.

If you could gift yourself anything this holiday, what would it be?

Time, literally! But I can’t bottle that and give it to myself, so Audemars Piguet. I’ve been obsessing over watches lately. 

How does your personal style affect your holiday plans?

I have a coat obsession but it’s never consistently cold in Texas. So, in the colder months I find excuses to go to really freezing places, Moscow for example, so I can wear a different coat every day.

What’s your No.1 holiday party rule to keep or to break? 

To keep: Always bring a host/hostess gift so you don’t enter empty-handed and follow up with a thank you note and/or flowers if he or she cooked for you.

To break: There’s nothing wrong with being the last to leave! I mean someone has to be the last so why not you if you’re having fun!