Delilah Belle, Lisa Rinna, Amelia Gray in Chanel Surf Line

Karl Lagerfeld, throughout his time at Chanel, loved to blur the line between what is high fashion and what is everyday. He did this often by designing common objects like shopping baskets or water bottles in ultra-luxe fabrications, dripping in logos and screaming the name “Chanel.” This was his way of expressing his sharp wit, which was at the very core of everything he created.

After creating a motorcycle inspired line for Spring 2002, with baby blue racing helmets stamped with the iconic double-C, Lagerfeld carried this sporty vibe over into a capsule collection for Summer 2002. Known simply as the Surf Line, these pieces featured a pop-art style graphic print of a red CC logo surfing the crest of a breaking wave. The print was used on a wide ranging grouping of pieces, from the obvious, such as a Classic Flap bag, a Beach tote, and a Bikini, to the special and unexpected, like a cotton Hawaiian button-up and even an umbrella.

Lil' Kim in Chanel Sport Line

At the time, iconic rapper Lil Kim was photographed decked out in not one but three pieces from the collection, perched on the back of a bright red sports car.

Still just as hot today, our pieces from this collection have been seen on fashion favorites like Kendall & Kylie Jenner and Hayley Bieber. Want the look for yourself? Get your hands on our Surf Line Flap for a rare piece of vintage Chanel that’s guaranteed to make a splash.

Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner in Chanel Surf Line