Dior F/W 2000 Leopard Midi Dress with CD Hardware. SKU: 60CDI-101.

John Galliano debuted the leopard print mid-length dress in Dior's Fall/Winter 2000 collection. Crafted from a coated knit fabric, this exquisite piece features lace inlay and delicate CD hardware on each of its straps. Cut on the bias, this dress represents Galliano's signature style while also exemplifying his exceptional technical skills as a dressmaker.

Dior F/W 2000 Runway.
Photo: Vogue Runway.

The "Fly Girls" collection was a monumental moment that catapulted era-defining trends into the new millennium. The beginning of the collection drew inspiration from American rappers of the era, as it was overtly lavish and dripping with enigmatic swagger. This was the same collection in which Galliano established Logomania as the trend of the decade, with heavy use of the Dior Trotter print and the famous "CD." From there, the runway seamlessly transitioned to more delicate and romantic looks that were inspired by ballet. Here the ballerinas were adorned in newsprint fabrics, a print that would go on to become one of the most iconic and coveted Dior themes in the house's history. "Fly Girls" is a collection that we will never look back on and cringe at, despite being a defining moment in 2000s era trends. It is and always will be timelessly high fashion.

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