With the micro bag trend taking the fashion world by storm, we’re here to suggest some slightly more practical alternatives. Let us reintroduce you to Chanel’s Mini Flap bags. Perfectly on-trend while spacious enough to actually hold things, the Mini Flap is a perfect way to engage in the craze. The classic Chanel style comes in a variety of colorways from both vintage and recent collections, so you’re bound to find something to suit your mini bag needs. Below, we’ll dive into the different versions of Mini Flaps with shoppable examples along the way.  

The Mini Half Flap

While there are obvious size differences between the minis, there are a few other characteristics to note. The Mini Half Flap was the original in the Mini family, meaning you will find discontinued colorways and vintage production years dating back to the 80s among this specific version. Limited availability and 24k gold hardware also make the Mini Half Flap extremely collectible.  

The Mini Square Flap

Not all Mini Square Flaps are vintage- this style is a staple of the house and is reproduced nearly every season. The Mini Square Flap’s dimensions are exactly what the name suggests: similar in height and length, creating a square silhouette. In addition, this version features a slightly shorter shoulder strap around 20” long which makes it ideal for shoulder carry rather than across the body.  


Chanel’s Mini Rectangular Flap is a newer release of the coveted size. This version mimics the larger Classic Flap silhouette, with a longer length and shorter height. In addition to the elongated shape, the Mini Rectangular Flap features a 23” long strap for carry as a crossbody bag. When new specialty Classic Flaps are introduced, you can almost always count on the Classic Flap’s “mini me” to be included in the lineup.  

Whichever Chanel Mini you’re drawn to, it’s definitely a closet staple and worthwhile investment piece. Adding a Mini Flap to your collection is an easy way to incorporate a small pop of color for those who may shy towards neutrals. And for those who are already comfortable with bold hues, the mini bags are a great way to try out seasonally trending colors. The classic style effortlessly transitions from day to night because luxe materials, shiny hardware, and ‘CC’ logos really go with anything. Now it’s time to grab a Chanel Mini of your own.


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