Whenever you hear of record-breaking Birkins, diamonds are almost always involved. Diamond Birkins are among Hermes’ most coveted creations, so this Amethyst Shiny Porosus Crocodile 35 with white gold and diamond hardware is guaranteed to be the crown jewel of any Hermes lover’s collection. Between the bejeweled solid white gold lock and the diamond encrusted hardware, 170 grams of white gold and over 10 carats of diamonds are sitting on the Birkin’s exterior.

While a majority of Hermès bags with “silver hardware” are palladium plated, meaning a blend of silver and platinum over a base metal, this exquisite piece has hardware made of solid white gold. Another special feature of the bag is its incredibly luxe leather, sourced from the saltwater-dwelling Porosus crocodile. Shiny skins like these go through the additional step of polishing with an agate stone until they are smooth and sparkly.

Perhaps the bag’s most important characteristic is that its diamonds are sourced responsibly. In fact, all of Hermès’ diamonds are ethically sourced, meaning their diamond operations abide by the international Kimberley process, which was established in 2003 to help prevent “conflict diamonds” from entering the legal market. “Extraction of the raw diamonds, cutting their 57 facets, trading, sorting with a loupe, setting, and quality control of the finished jewellery, then delivery and sale in the store: each of these stages represents an inspection point for Hermès’ diamond operation,” the Hermès website states. “This is what has earned it Kimberley process certification (KPCS).” The humanitarian issues surrounding unethical diamond sourcing is a major concern in the fashion industry, and brands like Hermès are taking measures to help prevent further human rights abuses.

Because of the high quality and precious materials used on this bag, it is an incredible investment certain to only appreciate in value over time! Scroll down for a better look at its details.

Amethyst Shiny Porosus Crocodile 35
Amethyst Shiny Porosus Crocodile 35


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