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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Fendi

By women, for women. To kick off Women’s History Month, we are celebrating Fendi, and the women behind the matriarchal Roman luxury house. After Edoardo Fendi and his wife, Adele Casagrande established the brand in 1925, the luxury label was soon passed on to their five daughters, Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla, and Alda. These women are responsible for turning Fendi into the revolutionary brand it is today.

Little Luxuries – Shop the Small Accessories We Love Right Now

Good things come in small packages. Recently, in fact, the mentality surrounding mini designer accessories has been the smaller the better. Ever since Jacquemus debuted ‘Le Sac Chiquito’ on his Spring/Summer 2018 runway, the fashion community has been enamored by the micro bag trend. (Some have even tested the limits… like Lizzo at the American Music Awards.) While undeniably fashionable, mini bags are not the most practical handbag option—especially if you can’t fit your phone, wallet, or keys inside. Rather, the pieces used to organize the contents inside your bag, like coin purses, card holders, and petite pouches, are the most useful items in the mini department.

Trending Now: Night at the Museum

Why look at a piece of art when you could be wearing it instead? Surrealist and classical art prints and appliques have been spotted all over the fashion scene recently, most notably in the form of Vivienne Westwood corsets inspired by oil paintings, and Louis Vuitton pieces made in collaboration with various artists. This week in London, Kendall Jenner effortlessly brought the wearable art trend to life with a two-piece Jean Paul Gaultier set that she purchased from WGACA. Kendall’s mesh ensemble is a classic JPG style, and one that we carry in many prints and patterns. The swirling butterfly print on Kendall’s mesh separate set is particularly artistic, and coupled with the fact that she wore this look to an art gallery show, it seems to be an intentional choice.

Chanel in Color: Discover A Rainbow of Chanel Classics

The sight of a rainbow in the sky might bring a smile to your face, but just wait until you see a rainbow of Chanel bags. While colorful Chanel bags are clearly easy on the eyes, they are also incredible investment pieces because of their extreme rarity. Chanel’s colors are only produced for one season, and they will never be repeated in the exact same shade, material, shape, and fabrication combination once that shade has sold out. Because of this, colored Chanel bags are much more rare, and usually more valuable than the same style in black.

WGACA on the Streets of NYFW

New York Fashion Week seems to be changing drastically every season. The once prestigious invite-only weeklong event has now opened to the public, with many top designers offering tickets to their shows for a staggering fare. One thing, however, has remained the same season after season — and that’s the presence of What Goes Around Comes Around. From street style to the front row, WGACA luxury vintage has proved its longevity as a staple of NYFW. This season, our network opted for colorful hues, bright whites, and fun metallics. Scroll down for some of our favorite looks as the final week of #NYFW comes to a close!

Do You Have the Look? The Fashion Week Edit is Here

Now that the Fashion Week circuit is underway, stylish women everywhere are looking for the perfect way to complete their next street style moment. Brazilian actress, Marina Ruy Barbosa pulled her look together by adding a hands-free touch to her monochromatic ensemble. In the midst of rushing around to shows, events, and fittings, a belt bag can serve as a woman’s secret weapon.

NYFW Street Style Must-Haves

Way back in the day, the fashion community turned to seasonal runway shows to determine upcoming trends. Recently however, most of fashion’s influence has shifted away from the designers creating the actual trends to—for lack of a better word—influencers. With the rise of social media, the fashion industry has gained the ability to showcase fashion in a more tangible and relatable way. From the chicest handbag moments to standout outerwear, scroll down to shop the most popular streetstlye looks we’ve spotted from NYFW Fall/Winter 2020.

Just in: Hermès 10 Carat Diamond Birkin

Whenever you hear of record-breaking Birkins, diamonds are almost always involved. The 2008 Amethyst Shiny Porosus Crocodile Birkin 35 is one of Hermès’ most coveted creations, and is guaranteed to be quite literally the crown jewel of any Hermes lover’s collection. Between the luxurious bejeweled, solid white gold lock and the diamond encrusted hardware, 170 grams of white gold and over 10 carats of diamonds are sitting on the Birkin’s exterior.

Inspired by love: The chanel boy bag

The significance of the Chanel Boy bag runs deeper than Coco Chanel’s tendency to play with masculinity. The greatest inspiration for the bag was its namesake, Boy Capel, the greatest love of Coco’s life. The Boy bag was released in 2009 as a more modern, structured, and boxy take on the Chanel classic flap. It’s most popular in lambskin and calfskin, but special and limited edition pieces range in materials from tweed, to patent, to vinyl, and even denim.

Discover the Rich History of Vintage Jewelry

The intricate techniques used by past jewelers set a standard of excellence that is rare to find in today’s highly manufactured world. The exquisite craftsmanship that was once required to create handmade jewelry ensures the timelessness of each design’s quality and condition. The rich history that comes with vintage jewelry speaks to the nostalgia and significance of each piece. You might be drawn to a specific necklace to later find out it was crafted with someone special’s birth stone the same year they were born — the opportunities for meaningful connections are endless with vintage jewelry.