The Go Around


This week, we’re obsessing over a regal new arrival. An Hermès Birkin 25cm, crafted of luxurious niloticus crocodile, is a unique and coveted find that’s sure to set any collector’s heart aflutter. The specific shade of pink, named Rose Scheherazade by Hermès, is extremely rare & sought-after and most often seen in exotic skins. It…

the chanel surf line

delilah belle lisa rinna amelia gray in chanel surf

Karl Lagerfeld, throughout his time at Chanel, loved to blur the line between what is high fashion and what is everyday. He did this often by designing common objects like shopping baskets or water bottles in ultra-luxe fabrications, dripping in logos and screaming the name “Chanel.” This was his way of expressing his sharp wit,…


Chanel’s vintage Classic Flap, with its curved front panel and wide bordered quilting, is as iconic as it is fashion forward–a true classic style with enough of a twist to always appear fresh and different. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld & produced from 1989 through the mid-90s, this style was a core classic of the brand,…

The Return of Prada Nylon

Everyone’s go-to bag at the turn of the millennium is making its comeback as the staple bag of the off-duty supermodel. Enter: Prada Nylon. Check out the ways our favorite influencers are styling theirs.

Louis Vuitton Special Orders: Damier Ebène

The house of Louis Vuitton is widely recognized for its impressive track record of limited edition styles (we’re looking at you, artist collabs!), but the equally as impressive collection of special order pieces don’t share the same notoriety. Reason being? Many people are unaware special orders are part of Louis Vuitton’s offering.

Product Spotlight: Rare Finds From Chanel’s 1993 Runway

We are lucky enough to have acquired two iconic maxi flap bags that were featured on Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel 1993 runway and perfectly embody the collection’s ethos: a Tweed & Faux Fur Maxi Flap and a Crushed Velvet Whipstitch Maxi Flap. two classic styles embellished with details that are anything but ordinary.


The Hermes ‘Quelle Idole,’ more popularly known as Kelly Doll, was designed and produced in 2000 by Jean-Louis Dumas himself. This limited edition style has since been discontinued, but it pops back up from time to time for boutique openings, brand celebrations, and (very rarely) on the resale market. From a thematic standpoint, the Kelly Doll bag signifies Hermes’ sense of play, which underscores everything they do as a company.

Fendi Baguette: The World’s First “It” Bag

Few bags have transitioned from ‘trend’ to ‘icon’ the way the Fendi Baguette has. The silhouette was first introduced by Fendi in 1997 when Silvia Venturini Fendi was tasked with creating a “practical bag” for women. Her idea was simple: create an effortless, functional bag with a short strap to allow women freedom of movement. After the Baguette’s release, the Fendi family wasn’t prepared for the response it would soon garner. (Leave it to the Creative Director of a matriarchal brand to know exactly what women want…) The Baguette amassed a vast fanbase and quickly became known as the first ever “It” bag.

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Fendi

By women, for women. To kick off Women’s History Month, we are celebrating Fendi, and the women behind the matriarchal Roman luxury house. After Edoardo Fendi and his wife, Adele Casagrande established the brand in 1925, the luxury label was soon passed on to their five daughters, Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla, and Alda. These women are responsible for turning Fendi into the revolutionary brand it is today.

Little Luxuries – Shop the Small Accessories We Love Right Now

Good things come in small packages. Recently, in fact, the mentality surrounding mini designer accessories has been the smaller the better. Ever since Jacquemus debuted ‘Le Sac Chiquito’ on his Spring/Summer 2018 runway, the fashion community has been enamored by the micro bag trend. (Some have even tested the limits… like Lizzo at the American Music Awards.) While undeniably fashionable, mini bags are not the most practical handbag option—especially if you can’t fit your phone, wallet, or keys inside. Rather, the pieces used to organize the contents inside your bag, like coin purses, card holders, and petite pouches, are the most useful items in the mini department.