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The Louis Vuitton Bag to Buy Right Now

Originally tucked inside the Noé or the Bucket, the Louis Vuitton Pochette started out as just an appendix for keeping makeup, keys, money, and other small trinkets. It wasn’t until 1992 that the Pochette was sold on its own and marketed as a bag that could be carried casually during the day or dressed up at night. It became a highly coveted piece almost instantly, and to this day it is still one of the brand’s most popular styles. In fact, we recently sold three Pochettes in just a matter of hours after posting about them!

WGACA’s Senior VP of Merchandising Can Turn Your Dream Closet Into a Reality

Close your eyes and picture your dream closet. While it might feel like an entirely unattainable dream at first, filling a closet of this caliber doesn’t happen overnight—and we’re here to help. With the expansion of the resale market and sustainable shopping initiatives worldwide, investing in luxury vintage has never been easier. As What Goes Around Comes Around’s Senior VP of Merchandising, I recommend narrowing your selection down to what I believe are the dream closet essentials. Just below, you’ll find the four classic pieces and four fashion pieces I suggest starting with.

Product Spotlight: Lady Dior

Created in 1994 by Gianfranco Ferré, and originally named “Chouchou,” the iconic Lady Dior bag is possibly the most famous handbag model the fashion house has ever designed. Each bag is made of 130 pieces of the finest lambskin leather that are sanded, dyed, hand-stitched, and then hand cut by artisans around wooden molds, taking several skilled craftsmen up to eight hours to construct. It was a favorite of Diana, Princess of Wales—as pictured below—and was renamed in her honor in 1996. While it has remained structurally the same over the years, each season it is made in a wide variety of elegant colors, fabrics, and leather finishes.

How Old Is Your Chanel Bag? Learn to Read the Date Code

Chanel is best known for its timeless designs and superior craftsmanship. Throughout the years Chanel has changed small details to evolve with the times, but for the most part, the brand has stayed consistent in terms of quality and construction of materials. Many of Chanel’s pieces take thousands of hours to create, making sure each bag is perfect from the smallest stitch to the largest piece of leather. This acute attention to detail helps ensure the longevity of each bag. For this reason, vintage Chanel bags are just as popular, if not more popular than the brand’s current season bags—and often why they can be hard to tell apart. Thankfully, dating a Chanel bag is actually quite simple, and a skill that will surely come in handy when hunting for the perfect bag for yourself.

Louis Vuitton Collaboration Pieces: Where Fashion Meets Art

Louis Vuitton was one of the first luxury labels to focus on the use of artistic collaborations to create limited edition collections for their own brand. Starting in 1996 with a “Celebration Monogram” collection contributed to by seven famous fashion designers in honor of the 100th birthday of the brand’s monogram print, and then fully getting in swing under Marc Jacobs creative direction in the early 2000s, collaborations have become part of the DNA of the LV brand. Vuitton has kept this tradition alive by continuing to release collaborations that brand collectors and enthusiasts clamor for as soon as they are released, and for many years after they are discontinued.

Trending Now: Tweed Chanel Bags

Coco began designing clothing with her heritage tweed material in Scotland in 1924, creating tweed skirt suits as a rebuke to restrictive, romantic notions of femininity in fashion. Later, the classic suit was remixed with cropped silhouettes and sexier separates by way of bustiers and corsets—and of course, tweed bags were introduced. The brand continues to design new iterations of their tweed bags today, but there’s something a little extra special about tweed when it’s vintage.

New Year’s Eve Party Edit

To bid a fond adieu to 2019, we’re planning our most elaborate party looks yet. Whether you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve at a grand party or with an intimate group of friends, it’s imperative you ring in the new decade with as much shimmer, glitter, and sparkle as possible. Below, you will find our curated edit of the best pieces to wear this New Year’s Eve. Scroll down and shop before the ball drops!

Trending Now: Statement Jewelry

If you’re looking to spice up your jewelry routine and add a bit of variety into the mix, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for eye-catching crystals, an elegant string of pearls, or a chunky gold chain, our collection of vintage jewelry has something for everyone. Just below, you’ll find our capsule of our very best statement-making jewelry pieces from Chanel, Dior, YSL, and more!

Pretty in Pink! Shop the Edit

Can you say closet goals? Kylie Jenner broke the internet yet again with an Instagram of her incredibly impressive collection of pink-toned bags. From exotic Birkins and Kellys to colorful Murakami Pochettes, Kylie sure knows how to pick ’em—and definitely knows where to shop. 😉 We’ve compiled our favorite Kylie-approved pink bags so you can get the look for yourselves.

Holiday Capsule Collection: Future Heirlooms

Invest in your legacy this holiday season and gift yourself a Future Heirloom. We’ve assembled a collection of the most rare and hard-to-find pieces that will forever remain universally cherished. After you’ve checked everyone off your holiday gifting list, don’t forget to indulge in the most important gift—one that will keep on giving for generations to come.