The sight of a rainbow in the sky might bring a smile to your face, but just wait until you see a rainbow of Chanel bags. While colorful Chanel bags are clearly easy on the eyes, they are also incredible investment pieces because of their extreme rarity. Chanel’s colors are only produced for one season, and they will never be repeated in the exact same shade, material, shape, and fabrication combination once that shade has sold out. Because of this, colored Chanel bags are much more rare, and usually more valuable than the same style in black. 

The one exception to this, however, is red. Chanel actually considers red a classic, core color, along with black, beige, gold, and white. Although Chanel doesn’t always have red options for sale, they have used red as one of their seasonal color-pops in several seasons throughout the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel wore red on her lips every day, so it’s no surprise her signature look remained a signature of her brand as well.

There is a unique opportunity that comes with purchasing a colorful Chanel shade. Despite the fact that the Classic Flap has has been produced in so many different colors and materials, the production quantity of each rendition is actually quite small. Therefore, it is essentially impossible to find the same one at a Chanel boutique, and based on the limited nature of each color, it’s actually possible that we will never have the same shade in stock again. So, if you’re eyeing one of these colored bags, you better act fast. 

Colorful shades of the Chanel Classic Flap bag.
Chanel has a long history of creating designs inspired by a shift in lifestyle, and the 2.55 (later known as the Classic Flap) is no exception. When women became more active in the 1920s, Coco added a shoulder strap to the classic handbag to allow for more freedom of movement. Historically it was not acceptable for high society women to wear a bag on their shoulder, but this new design took well to the market, and Chanel successfully launched the widely recognized 2.55 in February of 1955—thus, the reason for its name. Under Karl Lagerfeld, the 2.55 morphed into what is known today as the Classic Flap, with some modern updates such as the CC turnlock and the interwoven leather and chain strap.

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