“I was asked, among other things, to come up with a particularly easy and functional handbag. In a certain sense, it had to be technological and minimal, just like the times. My response—fortunately I am indomitably disobedient—was the Baguette.

Silvia Venturini Fendi

Few bags have transitioned from ‘trend’ to ‘icon’ the way the Fendi Baguette has. The silhouette was first introduced in 1997 when Silvia Venturini Fendi was tasked with creating a “practical bag” for women. Her idea was simple: create an effortless, functional bag with a short strap to allow women freedom of movement. The Fendi family was not prepared for the response the Baguette would garner, but it’s no surprise the Creative Director of a matriarchal brand knew exactly what women were looking for.

The Baguette amassed a devout fanbase and quickly became known as the first ever “It” bag. After Carrie Bradshaw stepped out with one on Sex and the City, the Baguette craze skyrocketed even more. “In the very beginning, Patricia Field and her team had to be industrious and creative with a low budget by getting clothes from thrift stores in order to tell interesting fashion stories,” Sarah Jessica Parker writes in Rizzoli’s Fendi Baguette. “At this time, things were inaccessible and out of reach; Fendi was really the first important design house to loan us items, with the baguette handbag being the first.”

We called the bag ‘the Baguette’ after the French loaf as a reference to how the bag should be carried—under the arm. This easy, yet chic, way of carrying a handbag made it the perfect size to hold all the essentials. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

Silvia Venturini Fendi
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

The Baguette has been redesigned in so many different special collections and artist collaborations that more than 1,000 versions of the silhouette have been created. This famous handbag can range anywhere between $350 to a staggering $29,000 depending on materials, rarity, and collectibility. Scroll down to shop our favorites.


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