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Chanel in Color: Discover A Rainbow of Chanel Classics

The sight of a rainbow in the sky might bring a smile to your face, but just wait until you see a rainbow of Chanel bags. While colorful Chanel bags are clearly easy on the eyes, they are also incredible investment pieces because of their extreme rarity. Chanel’s colors are only produced for one season, and they will never be repeated in the exact same shade, material, shape, and fabrication combination once that shade has sold out. Because of this, colored Chanel bags are much more rare, and usually more valuable than the same style in black.

Trending Now: Chanel Flap Bags

Chanel’s classic Flap Bag is undeniably one of fashion’s most important accessories. Case in point: Flap Bags are all over Instagram right now! But before it became the trendy bag it is today, it was actually quite revolutionary.