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Product Spotlight: Rare Finds From Chanel’s 1993 Runway

We are lucky enough to have acquired two iconic maxi flap bags that were featured on Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel 1993 runway and perfectly embody the collection’s ethos: a Tweed & Faux Fur Maxi Flap and a Crushed Velvet Whipstitch Maxi Flap. two classic styles embellished with details that are anything but ordinary.

Chanel in Color: Discover A Rainbow of Chanel Classics

The sight of a rainbow in the sky might bring a smile to your face, but just wait until you see a rainbow of Chanel bags. While colorful Chanel bags are clearly easy on the eyes, they are also incredible investment pieces because of their extreme rarity. Chanel’s colors are only produced for one season, and they will never be repeated in the exact same shade, material, shape, and fabrication combination once that shade has sold out. Because of this, colored Chanel bags are much more rare, and usually more valuable than the same style in black.

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New year, same us — only with better outfits. We’re kicking off 2020 with our own style resolutions. Seizing the new decade with the enthusiasm of our childhood selves getting dressed for our first day of school, we’re seeking out the pieces to help us step our look and embrace the dress code we’re all about in 2020—like a fuschia Chanel bag!

How Old Is Your Chanel Bag? Learn to Read the Date Code

Chanel is best known for its timeless designs and superior craftsmanship. Throughout the years Chanel has changed small details to evolve with the times, but for the most part, the brand has stayed consistent in terms of quality and construction of materials. Many of Chanel’s pieces take thousands of hours to create, making sure each bag is perfect from the smallest stitch to the largest piece of leather. This acute attention to detail helps ensure the longevity of each bag. For this reason, vintage Chanel bags are just as popular, if not more popular than the brand’s current season bags—and often why they can be hard to tell apart. Thankfully, dating a Chanel bag is actually quite simple, and a skill that will surely come in handy when hunting for the perfect bag for yourself.

Trending Now: Tweed Chanel Bags

Coco began designing clothing with her heritage tweed material in Scotland in 1924, creating tweed skirt suits as a rebuke to restrictive, romantic notions of femininity in fashion. Later, the classic suit was remixed with cropped silhouettes and sexier separates by way of bustiers and corsets—and of course, tweed bags were introduced. The brand continues to design new iterations of their tweed bags today, but there’s something a little extra special about tweed when it’s vintage.

Get the Look: Kylie Jenner’s Chanel Snow Gear

Baby it’s cold outside… but leave it to Kylie Jenner to turn freezing temperatures into a Chanel-filled winter wonderland. Kylie picked up some last-minute snow gear from What Goes Around Comes Around before heading out to the slopes this weekend, and even got a matching set for her friend, Yris. She posted on Instagram looking snowbunny chic wearing our Chanel Mufflers, Chanel Ear Muffs, and Silver Chanel ‘CC’ Turnlock Earrings.

Trending Now: Chanel Flap Bags

Chanel’s classic Flap Bag is undeniably one of fashion’s most important accessories. Case in point: Flap Bags are all over Instagram right now! But before it became the trendy bag it is today, it was actually quite revolutionary.

Trending Now Chanel Turnlock Jewelry

One of the most iconic features of a Chanel piece is the classic ‘CC’ Turnlock, used on everything from bags to jewelry and accessories. The Turnlock has been a Chanel staple since it was redesigned by Karl Lagerfeld in the 1980s during his time as Creative Director. It has since become the more popular design over the original Mademoiselle lock, which was Chanel’s original hardware used on the first 2.55 bag. The Chanel Turnlock adds a special flare to any piece it’s featured on, and it will always remain an incredibly desirable characteristic.