The Go Around

WGACA on the Streets of NYFW

New York Fashion Week seems to be changing drastically every season. The once prestigious invite-only weeklong event has now opened to the public, with many top designers offering tickets to their shows for a staggering fare. One thing, however, has remained the same season after season — and that’s the presence of What Goes Around Comes Around. From street style to the front row, WGACA luxury vintage has proved its longevity as a staple of NYFW. This season, our network opted for colorful hues, bright whites, and fun metallics. Scroll down for some of our favorite looks as the final week of #NYFW comes to a close!


In celebration of Women’s History Month, What Goes Around Comes Around hosted a series of “Power Hours” in the Madison Avenue, Beverly Hills and Miami Flagships. The Power Hours featured empowering discussions with a select group of self-made women on what it means to be a modern-day girlboss, and a preview of the ultimate power…