The intricate techniques used by past jewelers set a standard of excellence that is rare to find in today’s highly manufactured world. The exquisite craftsmanship that was once required to create handmade jewelry ensures the timelessness of each design’s quality and condition. The rich history that comes with vintage jewelry speaks to the nostalgia and significance of each piece. You might be drawn to the beauty of a specific necklace to later find out it was crafted with a special someone’s birth stone the same year they were born—the opportunities for meaningful connections are endless with vintage jewelry. 

While we offer a vast selection of jewelry from many luxury brands, such as Christian Dior, YSL, and Louis Vuitton, a large percentage of what we carry was designed by Chanel. After all, Coco was quite revolutionary in that realm. Coco felt that everyday costume pieces should hold a different meaning than real fine jewelry, and she set out to find materials that looked and felt luxurious enough to imitate the real deal. Coco pioneered a new method for painted glass pearls that looked almost indiscernible from real pearls, and to replace rubies and emeralds, Chanel turned to Gripoix—a French method of making imitation poured glass gemstones. These became hallmarks of her brand and are now a staple of classic fashion because of her influence.

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