Why look at a piece of art when you could be wearing it instead? Surrealist and classical art prints and appliques have been spotted all over the fashion scene recently, most notably in the form of Vivienne Westwood corsets inspired by oil paintings, and Louis Vuitton pieces made in collaboration with contemporary artists. This week in London, Kendall Jenner effortlessly brought the wearable art trend to life with a two-piece Jean Paul Gaultier set that she purchased from WGACA. Kendall’s mesh ensemble is a classic JPG style, and one that we always carry in various prints and patterns. The swirling butterfly print on the separate set Kendall opted for is particularly artistic, and coupled with the fact that she wore this look to an art gallery show, it seems to be an intentional choice.

Kendall Jenner at London Fashion Week wearing our two-piece Jean Paul Gaultier set and Louis Vuitton bag.

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