1. Spring has Sprung!

    Spring has Sprung!

    Spring is officially here! The days are getting longer, nights are getting warmer, and everything is coming up rosy. Rosy pink that is. It's time to re-think pink. From bubblegum to ballet slippers, pink is the seasons hottest new "it" hue. It's been heavily trending on the runways during Fashion Week, award shows, and Alessandro Michele did his entire show through rose-colored glasses. 

    Freshen up your spring wardrobe with feminine florals and flirty pinks from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. Live la vie en rose!

    WGACA Light Pink Chanel Quilted Wallet

    WGACA Bougainvillea Hermes Evelyne III

    Gucci SS17 Runway Show - Milan

    WGACA Gucci Bamboo Top Handle Purse

    Shop our website or visit any of our locations to get your pink picks.

    Luxe & Love,

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  2. So Lindsi Lane x WGACA

    So Lindsi Lane x WGACA

    So Lindsi Lane x Roslyn

    Last night fashion blogger Lindsi Lane went back to her roots to host a party at our Roslyn location, and celebrate our 30-50% off sale! Along with being a Long Island girl and vintage-lover, she is also a TV correspondent whose been featured on NBC, Good Day New York, and CBS Live On the Couch, in addition to several others. She combines her humor with her sense of style, making her the quintessential WGACA Woman. Get inspired by Lindsi’s looks from WGACA below!


    Lindsi wearing WGACA vintage 1920's dress, suede Chanel belt, mink coat, Chanel tweed backpack

    Lindsi wearing our vintage Dior suede-embroidered sweater coat

    Lindsi in our vintage chiffon jumper

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  3. Je T'aime, Coco

    Je T'aime, Coco

    In honor of Paris Fashion Week, we are celebrating Chanel and the specific je ne sais quoi the iconic tweed fabric lends to every look. Whether you’re power-lunching or dressing up your denim with a bouclé blazer, Chanel tweed always suits the occasion.

    Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was a true trailblazer, as a designer, and as a woman. Often inspired by the practicality of menswear, she once borrowed a tweed blazer from her then boyfriend, the Duke of Westminster, and was instantly drawn to the durability and sophistication of the fabric. In 1924 she began producing her infamous tweed in Scotland; the fabrics are now woven in Paris at the House of Lesage. Chanel tweed remains an iconic staple of chicness and class 90 years later. 

    Get your own classic here.

     Luxe & Love,


    WGACA vintage Chanel tweed skirt suit

    WGACA vintage Chanel bouclé jacket     

     Rita Ora in WGACA vintage Chanel blazer dress

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  4. Ciao Milano!

    Ciao Milano!

    Ga-Ga for Gucci


    When one thinks of Italy one thinks pasta, wine, pasta, and Gucci (not necessarily in that order). Guccio Gucci founded his specialty leather store in Florence, Italy in 1921; where the Flagship Gucci store still stands today. During the 1930’s Guccio’s designs were inspired by his love of horse racing, and the equestrian lifestyle that inspired so many of the great designers of that time. Turning his passion into fashion, he created the iconic Gucci horse bit and stirrup shaped hardware the brand is still known for today. In 1953 Guccio’s sons expanded the Gucci empire globally. Opening locations in Paris, London, and New York.

    From 1994- 2005 Tom Ford led as Creative Director, putting Gucci back on the map as a contemporary luxury label with the same pristine quality of the eponymous fashion house. In 1999, Kering bought Gucci and several other luxury brands such as, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and Stella McCartney, forming the Gucci Group.

    After a long line of Creative Directors and designers, the brand seems to have struck gold in 2015 with the appointment of current Creative Director Alessandro Michele. The man responsible for the mass-resurgence we’re seeing of Gucci today from the runway to the streets.

    See what the buzz is all about, shop Gucci here

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  5. Treat Yourself.

    Treat Yourself.

    Treat Yourself. 

    Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some good old-fashion spoiling. If Cupid missed the mark this year, treat yourself!  These fresh picks are far better than day-old flowers; and with spring right around the corner, you can’t go wrong with hot pinks and fierce reds. 


    Luxe & Love,


    Like my bag? Thanks, I bought it myself. 

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