1. Editorial Love: 25A Magazine's April 2016 Issue

    Editorial Love: 25A Magazine's April 2016 Issue

    Our dear friends over at 25A Magazine pulled from our exclusive luxury vintage archive for an editorial piece in their April 2016 issue. The story, “The Scent of Vintage” displays how to wear your highest fashion pieces for any occasion.

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  2. Editorial Love: 25A Magazine

    25A Magazine recently spoke with our founders to get the scoop on our expansion to Roslyn and East Hampton, New York.



    Where Fashion Meets Luxury

    By W.A. Muller

    Image: Blake Mathew


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  3. TV Love: Co-Founder Seth Weisser on Bloomberg TV

    Co-Founder Seth Weisser sat down for a live interview this week with Bloomberg TV to discuss the current boom in luxury vintage sales. When asked how he ensures that WGACA is buying the best quality luxury pieces, Seth replied, “We are very careful to pick trend-relevant products. Vintage is a big pool of inventory and ultimately we’re looking to edit and curate what the high fashion customer’s looking at from a vintage perspective. And we’ve traveled for the past 24 years throughout the world to find the best dealers, collectors, options and we look at the key elements of longevity and timelessness with the things that we’re buying.” 


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  4. Editorial Love: Into The Gloss Interview with Annie Kreighbaum of Glossier.

    Annie Kreighbaum knows what she’s talking about. As Executive Editor of Glossier, Into The Gloss’ coveted beauty line, her night-time beauty routine is one we can’t wait to try out ourselves. We were more than thrilled to be mentioned — and worn — in her feature interview for the blog’s Top Shelf After Dark series.

    Annie Kreighbaum photographed by Tom Newton at her home in Brooklyn on December 18, 2015.

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  5. Editorial Love: Bella New York Magazine's Hollywood Issue

    Our founders sat down with Bella Magazine's Courtenay Cooper Hall to dish about all things luxury vintage and Hollywood glamour.


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