1. Star Rising: Sophie Beem

    If you aren't familiar with the name Sophie Beem, it's time to take note. One year ago, the
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  2. Material Girl

    [caption id="attachment_14120" align="aligncenter" width="572"]Madonna by Steven Meisel, 1984 Madonna by Steven Meisel, 1984[/caption]

    Ready for a blast from the past? This week's Spotify playlist pays tribute to everyone's favorite over the top decade, the 1980's! The era that brought us teased hair, shoulder pads, Miami Vice and Valley girls also introduced some of the most popular artists of our time. With everyone from Michael Jackson to Madonna, The Talking Heads, and Depeche Mode, these hits are sure to get you dancing. Party on, dudes!



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  3. Day Tripper

    936full-the-beatles-1It's no secret that The Beatles created some of the most beloved and well known songs ever written. The diversity of their sound remains unmatched, even after all these years. For this week's Spotify playlist, WGACA has

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  4. Smells Like Teen Spirit

    [caption id="attachment_13830" align="aligncenter" width="578"] "Grunge and Glory" by Steven Meisel for Vogue, 1992[/caption]

    From heavy grunge and hip hop to sugary sweet pop songs, it's no wonder why the 90's has become one of the best eras in music history. The decade brought us a plethora of

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  5. Just Like The Movies

    One of the best things about a great film is an amazing soundtrack. A score of spectacular tunes that perfectly captures the mood and storyline, transporting you into another world. For this week's WGACA Spotify playlist, we picked some out some of our favorite songs featured on the silver screen. You may even feel like singing along...

    1. Audrey Hepburn

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