1. C'mon Kimono

    From the runway to the streets, kimonos are making a statement in a big way. Many designers grew inspiration from the orient for their

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  2. Everyone needs a little Chanel...

    Whether you want to give a classic twist to a rock 'n' roll outfit or add a hint of elegance to a casual look, Chanel remains a fashion option that you can rely on. In fact, did we mention that it is almost a fashion blasphemy not to have at least a little piece of Chanel in your closet?

    At WGACA, we provide a handpicked selection of authentic Chanel Handbags mostly from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Our Vintage experts also select a wide selection of their gold plated costume jewelry, trying to find iconic pieces that will rock any of your outfits. We love the stories behind those Chanel items and the values of craftsmanship and authenticity they carry. Carrying a Chanel Handbag is not just about fashion anymore, it is a statement! The 2.55 handbag, created by Coco Chanel back in 1955, was the first bag designed to women's needs, so they could have their hand free to talk, drink and smoke. Through time, the bag has evolved, but remains iconic: Karl Lagerfeld has changed the original lock into a double C Mademoiselle lock, while lambskin has been woven thru the snake chain. There are now two iconic bags in the Chanel landscape: the original 2.55 (which was reissued in 2005), and the Timeless Classic (a Lagerfeld version of the original bag) have become key pieces in a fashionista's wardrobe.

    Paired with a rock tee, a leather jacket, denim shorts and our studded converse, a Chanel bag instantly adds the perfect twist of Parisian elegance, giving a real allure to your whole look. With an authentic vintage Chanel tweed jacket and a pair of high waisted jeans, the Chanel bag is highly appropriate for a work environment and of course, a vintage Timeless Classic is always a great success at a dinner party or any trendy event.

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