The vintage market is all about timeless-ness. The fact that these goods are still being sought 70, 60, 50 years later is a testament to the fact that these items will not be going out of style anytime soon.  To build a complete closet with all the classics that will get you through life, here is a list of 5 pieces to keep your eye out for.

1. Trialmaster Belstaff Jacket

Engineered originally for fisherman, waxed jackets have always been a classic for men. The fabric is tear and water resistant as well as helps to battle against wind and the elements. While there are many variations out there including early British military pieces by British Millerain Co and other heritage classics such as Barbour, the holy grail is the Trialmaster by Belstaff. Using the fabric now evolved for the motorcycle community, the jacket is equipped with everything a biker could need; cinched waist, cropped torso, high arm holes, 4 huge pockets and a throat latch.


Steve McQueen in the Belstaff Trialmaster


2. Schott Perfecto Leather Jacket

There’s just something about a leather jacket. Although leather was being used for accents and speciality items during the Edwardian period, the first modern day ‘Bombers’ were created for aviators and members of the military. After years of selling rain gear, Irving Schott designed the first motorcycle leather jacket in 1928 for a Harley Davidson store which was sold for $5.50. The jacket became synonymous with rebel culture, only to be exaggerated by Marlon Brando and James Dean during the 50s. Fast forward to now and every brand has their own version of the perfect moto jacket, but the Perfecto was the original….


The Ramones in Schott Perfectos

3. Vintage Rock T-Shirts

One of the newer pieces on the vintage must have for men’s list, the vintage rock t-shirt has become a staple in the States. After an influx of Rock N Roll shows starting in the 60s, bands would produce t-shirts for tours, albums and one-off parties and shows. These shirts were produced in limited quantities, thus can be very hard to find and are extremely valuable. If you haven’t been in to explore our vast collection, run, don’t walk. After all, we did literally write the book in Vintage Rock T-Shirts.

Rock T-Shirts

L: Adam Levine R: Andre 3000 in Vintage Rock T-Shirts from WGACA

4. Vintage Levi 501s

The mecca of all denim, the Levi’s 501. After having a customer ask for pants that wouldn’t fall apart during the California gold rush, tailor Jacob Davis made the first pair of jeans using Levi Strauss as his fabric supplier. By 1873 they had a U.S. Patent for the blue jean and by 1890, they had created the first 501. While the 501 has undergone many changes since it’s first version, the basics were always there; 5 pockets, button fly, pocket rivets, an identifying patch and Arcuate stitching. In 1936, Levi’s added the red tab to identify it from it’s competitors who had mimicked nearly all other aspects of the jeans. After the success of their blue jeans, the company added styles such as the 505 and 517, but the 501 will always be king.


Vintage Levi’s 501 on the street

5. The Perfect Leather Travel Bag

Nothing is quite as gratifying as traveling in style. One of the most coveted items in the vintage world is the perfect leather bag. From early military backpacks with leather accessories to the Louis Vuttion Keepall Bandouliere, there any many varieties and variations suitable to each type. One of our favorites here at WGACA is the the Hermes HAC travel bag, later to be cut down and renamed the Birkin after then CEO Jean-Louis Dumas sat next to the star on a plane who mentioned it impossible to find the perfect travel bag.


Vintage Hermes HAC Travel Bag