[caption id="attachment_4356" align="alignleft" width="359" caption="Photo Credit: Shane A. O'Neill"][/caption] Chances are you're already familiar with dark electro-pop outfit Dangerous Muse, whose synth-heavy, cinematic dance gems and sexy theatrical shows are responsible for getting all the cool club kids moshing away and losing their minds at many a downtown venue. I witnessed the debauchery first-hand at the band's headlining gig last week, in which a sea of goth kids rocking head-turning looks and flashing devil horns raved like it was 1994 as Dangerous Muse front-man, the foxy Mike Furey, crooned away and worked the stage like a madman. Consider me an uber fan. I caught up with the rock star himself after the show. How would you describe Dangerous Muse's sound in 5 words or less? Electronic, past meets future. How do you choose your performance looks? From where do you draw your inspirations? I'm inspired by rehearsals with my band, especially hearing the drums and bass live.