(L-R) Dyan Ashby, Founder of Living Beauty Amie Satchu, Dunya Merell, Nancy Davidson and Jo-Ann Diaz de Leon

The Foundation for Living Beauty’s founder Amie Satchu wanted to do something to give back to the women with cancer that supported her hair line, so she created a nonprofit that provided beauty services to women diagnosed with cancer. Soon after she started her mom, Joni Peterson, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She's made it her mission to create a sustainable foundation to provide beauty, wellness and support services for women living with cancer. What Goes Around Comes Around recently partnered with Amie for Dinner Under The Stars, a fundraiser for the nonprofit on May 19th. We talked to Amie about how she got started in beauty and why finding beauty within is so important to her mission.

How did you get started in beauty?

Amie: My fascination with beauty started at a young age witnessing the depth of beauty and grace of my own mother. Through her example, I learned what true beauty was transcending the physical form and seeing a woman for more than her outer appearance. I carried that throughout my life and it took different forms of personal and professional expression. 

You’ve successfully built an international haircare company. Why do you think that hair is important to women?

Amie: Hair has been a part of our beauty ritual for centuries and can symbolize and even define our femininity. It is the only changeable part of the human body allowing women to transform themselves instantly if they choose to. Because of this, it can contribute to the mystery, allure and power of a woman. 

Have you found that beauty is redefined once someone has experienced a shift in their appearance due to cancer?

Amie: Dealing with the physical changes can be devastating since with a cancer diagnosis a woman is already forced to redefine so much in her life already. She is undergoing a shift emotionally, physically and spiritually and being challenged to embrace this new normal and altered version of herself. Losing her hair or breasts, in addition to all of the other changes in her life can be truly overwhelming. However, I think it can challenge you to see your own beauty in a new way, through a new lens, and with a renewed appreciation for the beauty of the soul within. Therefore, it can force you to see past the traditional ideals of physical perfection and redefine how you see and value yourself. 

Self-care is such a hot topic. Can you tell me why you incorporated self-care into the Living Beauty DNA?

Amie: Women are used to nurturing and taking care of everyone else in their lives first since we are the nucleus of the family. When a woman is diagnosed with cancer, it is so important to find and create a space within where we can nurture and care for ourselves, thrive, and heal.

Why do you think integrative therapy workshops are important?

Amie: Although traditional cancer treatments can be highly affective, they can really take a toll on the physical and emotional body. Integrative therapies can support and strengthen the body during this exhausting time in a woman’s life, helping to also improve health outcomes. The Foundation for Living Beauty’s programs are designed to empower our Living Beauties by providing support through integrative therapy workshops, wellness education, holistic nutrition, Yoga4Cancer and wellness retreats.

What’s your advice to give to someone who wants to provide emotional support to someone fighting cancer but doesn’t know how?

Amie: To simply put it: be present, be patient and be sure to make every day count.

See photos from the fundraiser below and learn more about Living Beauty at livingbeauty.org.

(L-R) Elizabeth Mitchell, Omar Mangalji and Emi Renata

(L-R) Mercedes Cornett, Machiko Harris, Rayne Roberts and Founder of Living Beauty Amie Satchu

(L-R) Jason Grosfeld and Jenna Grosfeld

(L-R) Mae Brunken, Patricia Shea, Founder of Living Beauty Amie Satchu and Alexandra Dwek

The Board Members of Living Beauty attend The Foundation for Living Beauty Dinner Under the Stars

(L-R) Hanane Thompson and Marc Ange

(L-R) Founder of Living Beauty Amie Satchu and Clippers basketball coach Doc Rivers

(L-R) Bruno Laffite and Laetita Laffite

(L-R) Linda Puglisi-Alibrandi, Founder of Living Beauty Amie Satchu, Omar Mangalji, Rochelle Brodin and Emi Renata