A bit overdue, (apologies!) Andy from Style Scrapbook came to visit us during New York Fashion Week last month. She styled and tried on some of her favorite WGACA looks: [gallery columns="4" orderby="ID"] What Goes Around Comes Around: What was one of your favorite pieces that you found when you visited our store? Style Scrapbook: I loved so many things, like the gorgeous furs and the amazing shoes, but I think my favorite pieces have to be all the beautiful vintage CHANEL jewelry, no doubt. WGACA: Who or what are your biggest style inspirations? SS: I take a lot of inspiration from Christine Centenera's style, she is so effortlessly chic, but I also think that fellow bloggers are a huge source of inspiration, thats why I follow so many of them! WGACA: Any vintage shopping tips you've come across over the years? SS: You gotta have patience! I am a very impatient person but when it comes to vintage shopping, you really have to take your time and browse through the items, otherwise you might miss "the" piece. WGACA: What trend are you most looking forward to for spring? Bright colors! Anything fluorescent yellow, bright pink or electric blue is on my list of "things to wear this Spring." WGACA: Any fashion faux pas you can't stand? SS: I think it has to be denim overalls, I really cant stand them.