Last weekend I found out what it felt like to be a fancy Santa Claus while visiting the town of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A bag over my shoulder of the finest vintage Chanel jewelry and handbags, a quick chariot ride through the air from New York City to Greensboro, and hundreds of lovely ladies who have been good all year waiting with their eyes all a-glow. It was the Chanel event of the season with Monkee's who don't spare any expense while welcoming WGACA to their store. Vintage fur stoles, Pucci pieces, YSL silk tops, Chanel blazers, and What Goes Around Comes Around Fall 2010 collection were just the icing on the tiny mini cupcakes passed around for eager eyes and appetites. One thing is for sure: these North Carolina ladies know how to host a fancy party. Black and white pearl necklaces decorated tables, holiday music to make anyone festive, Prosecco with cherry concentrate, and just about the sweetest smiles and southern drawls to melt any New Yorkers heart (even after a 5 hour delay due to a "plane malfunction" on the way there-scary for any holiday traveller). Just after a day and a half with Brenda and Brenn, the fantastic sale's associates and friends of Monkee's, I had picked back up on my southern accent that had been lost since my summers were spent with my grandma in Natchez, Mississippi and I had remembered what it felt like to take a moment to enjoy the small things. Bright lights, friendly faces, holiday music, trees with decorations and snow. Make me a hot toddy and I'm moving in. Take a moment to see what amazing vintage Chanel WGACA has to offer here and maybe add something sparkly to your list for Santa.[gallery]