Dashing through the snow is much more fun when you’re dressed the part. If you are not opting to ditch the cold weather for a tropical paradise, opt for a snow-filled adventure. Getting dressed for the great cold outdoors should be just as fun now as throughout the year. Don’t let your toasty and cozy gear fall into the matrix of basic black and navy when you can opt for coats and accessories that are more vibrant and fun.

First things first – cover the small parts. Ears, hands and feet are the first to get cold. Cover hands in warm plush Louis Vuitton gloves or ears in sumptuous fur earmuffs by Gucci to avoid hat hair. A scarf is always a good idea. Wrap it around your head on windy days or give your old coat some unsuspecting pattern play with a bold print or a luxe monogram scarf. Simply, don’t leave your neck out in the cold. A scarf can be functional or add style while bringing attention to your face when your body is covered in down.

Next, add a layer of shine. We are drawn to shiny lacquered Moncler coats that make an unmissable style statement in the streets and in the snow. Moncler is the hallmark of Italian luxury outerwear. Their down jackets are revered for their warmth and their iconic padding is designed for comfort and style making it the perfect pick for casual wear and outdoor adventures.

After gifts are exchanged and you can’t have one more slice of dessert, it’s time to find an activity that gets your body moving. Don’t settle for boredom. Snow sports are seasonal, so you might as well partake when you can. If skiing isn’t your jam, try another snow sport that you can learn in an afternoon. Snowboarding isn’t just for Olympians. If you are a fan of skateboarding or surfing, snowboarding may be a smooth transition. Good balance, a strong core and a lot of grit is recommended. Skiers that have grown tired of the sport may want to try ski blades. They are basically shorter skis that allow you to pick up more speed downhill than traditional skis, plus they work well with ski boot that you may already have. Just avoid Vermont. Ski blading is banned there.