Just a few days into the new year, many of us along the east coast have felt the effects of a startling Nor’easter and have added the term bomb cyclone to our lexicon. As we prepare for reportedly record-breaking low temperatures across the country, we are encouraged to bundle up. Here is a short guide on what to wear when the weather outside gets frightful.

Forecast: Windy

Our Miami friends are the first to whimper when temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s because its inhabitants have grown accustomed to the city’s signature balmy days. When the temperature drops in the humid metropolis, the notable breeze that feels like relief on a hot summer day now feels like a bone-chilling ice bath. The key to staying warm is to keep the skin covered.  A leather jacket or wool coat will suffice. Make sure it has deep pockets to keep hands warm and the neck covered. Plus, a luxe wool scarf can upgrade a rather practical and boring outfit. A scarf can be wrapped around the head to keep ears warm and your hair in place.

Forecast: Snow

It is a myth that you can’t wear fur coats in the snow. Natural pelts are water resistant.  If your fur gets wet, just shake the snow off and allow it to dry naturally. If you’d rather not wear fur, outerwear that is built for outdoor sports is a good investment in keeping your body toasty during daily activities. For instance, Moncler is known for providing fashion-forward outerwear to extreme skiers. Their coats are meant to protect from extreme winds, survive high-altitudes and endure extremely low temperatures. They are a safe bet for snowy days.

Forecast: Bomb Cyclone

Just stay indoors. Grab some warm food, a good book, and turn on your favorite music.  If you need to step outside, step up your snow gear. Focus on keeping hands, feet and heads warm like our mothers told us. Leather gloves or mittens are key to keeping fingers from frostnip and, of course, insulated boots with proper traction will help avoid slipping on ice and snow. Keep your head covered. If your coat doesn’t have that option, grab a cashmere hat or earmuffs to keep ears protected.

Be safe out there.