Digital darling and the newest face to join NEXT Los Angeles, Sonya Esman sits with What Goes Around Comes Around to discuss favorite trends, what’s currently catching her eye, and what WGACA accessory is on her radar. 


5 Minutes with Sonya Esman


WGACA: What 90s style you want to see come back?

Sonya Esman: I feel like there's absolutely nothing we haven't tried to bring back already. I feel like what is missing is the authenticity of 90's fashion. I personally can tell a huge difference between vintage clothing and new collections that are designed to look vintage, and the latter just doesn't do the 90's vibe justice. I'd love to see people owning the fact that they shop at thrift shops and recycle clothing opposed to buying trendy pieces.


WGACA: What luxury fashion designer or brand you can't get enough of right now? Do any of their archival pieces catch your attention?

SE: Saint Laurent always has a special place in my heart, probably the most special. Every new collection of theirs doesn't change the concept and aesthetic of the brand, which I really appreciate. I've been hunting down their vintage gold logo earrings for a month now, after I saw them on Elsa Hosk's instagram.


5 Minutes with Sonya Esman


WGACA: Any new luxury fashion designers or brands that you've recently discovered and can’t get enough of?

SE: I feel like UNRAVEL by Ben Taverniti has been absolutely killing the game recently.


WGACA: What is your favorite decade for style inspiration?

SE: As cliché as this is for a 90's baby to say... the 90's. The grunge, denim overkill, oversized men's clothing on beautiful women, unique accessories, and cool effortless hair always win in my book. There's something so aesthetically pleasing about a person who doesn't look like they spent 2-hours in hair and makeup, and an hour color-coordinating their outfit. The nineties looked cool. Effortlessly cool. Nothing beats that.


WGACA: If you could pick one piece from What Goes Around Comes Around, what would it be?

SE: Besides all of the outrageously beautiful fur coats that I'll sadly never get the chance to wear in LA, I'd pick either the classic Chanel belt bag or the Louis Vuitton denim backpack.. I remember walking in and eyeing it immediately.

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