Few designers have transcended to such mythic status as Gianni Versace, an Olympic figure not solely in fashion but culture as a whole. Today, Gianni is still remembered for epitomizing maximalist glamour and decadence, just as he did when he founded his namesake brand in 1978. Favoring bold color and flamboyant patterns, Versace traded in subdued elegance for baroque prints with a gilded playfulness. Even Greek antiquity references became dizzyingly grandiose under Versace’s Midas touch. With an intense curiosity about the new, Gianni absorbed the world around him and projected those dreams onto every design, creating a fully realized world culminating in his Miami mansion now known as Villa Casa Casurina. 

Gianni’s runway shows were a fusion of craft and culture that illuminated an electric world of rock, art and sexuality unseen in luxury. He harnessed public attention by tapping into the power of celebrity with star-studded front rows and helped launch the glamorous spectacle of the 1990s supermodels. The attendees on and off the runway demanded as much attention as the clothing. His shows sent shockwaves through the industry and set the standard for what the fashion show is today.

What Goes Around Comes Around is pleased to present our curated collection of Gianni’s greatest hits. Each piece speaks to an iconic facet of Gianni’s legacy where more is never enough and all that glitters is, most certainly, gold. It’s plain to see his expressive energy and spirit reflected through every silk print and studded frock. This broad range of Gianni’s work celebrates Versace’s lifelong dedication to dressing confident, fearless men and women unafraid to express themselves and be seen.

"We have an exciting event planned in Miami during Art Basel," said Seth Weisser, co-founder and CEO of What Goes Around Comes Around. "We envisioned celebrating our 25th anniversary in our core retail demographic cities, Miami being one of them. The Versace Mansion came to mind as a perfect venue to create something extraordinary, so we are taking over the property with a series of special events and an installation of iconic archival Gianni Versace pieces. We’ve curated a special capsule retrospective in celebration of the work of Gianni Versace!  You can’t help but feel the impact Versace had on fashion in South Beach. It inspired us before we became business owners and it still inspires us now. This will truly be a full circle moment."

The capsule collection will be available to shop at our Miami store and online at whatgoesaroundnyc.com on Dec. 9th.