Blame it on the avant-garde intarsia mink furs Alessandro Michele sent down the Gucci runway lately and the Gucci coats we can’t stop staring at in our winter collection. We are anxiously anticipating The Big Chill or the time when weather drops to freezing and layers are no longer an option but a necessity. Fur coats remind us of old New York, lunching socialites and glamorous nights at Studio 54. Faux or real, these dropping temperatures are signaling us to bundle up.

This season, Miu Miu sent full faux fur looks down the runway as well as added patchwork fox collars to their wool and down coats. Fox is a very resilient fur. it can be dyed in a kaleidoscope of colors that make their lustrous guard hairs and underfur even more vibrant without compromising the condition of the pelt. Our favorite looks from the runway are the patterned fox coats meticulous designed with stripes, chevrons and prints. Truly, if there is a such thing as “fun fur” it’s fox. For the holiday, you can customize a vintage denim jacket with removable fur collars and cuffs made of natural or dyed fox (our favorite), raccoon, coyote or nutria.

Shearling is having a moment. The close-cropped skins are resurging in jacket linings and collars that are more chic than the sherpa-lined jackets of yore. Long curly Mongolian lamb is dyed and embellished for full-bodied opulent coats with just as much presence cropped or long. The long-haired pelts give us 70s vibes especially paired with statement aviator sunglasses and knee boots.

Somethings never go out of style. Coats that remind you of your mother’s mink are back on the runways. Thanks to Gucci’s sublime styling, the long, bracelet-sleeved coats and mink-trimmed capes are now deemed apropos for the office and for the opera. Gucci paired its mink coats with graphic midi dresses as well as vintage-inspired graphic tees and denim – both looks you and Margot Tenenbaum would love.