How To Buy, Wear and Love Your Vintage Jewelry

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Fashion jewelry can become a worthy investment piece if chosen wisely. If taken care of properly, fashion jewelry can last a lifetime and become a valued heirloom. However, just like fine jewelry, fashion jewelry requires special attention and care. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your jewelry remains gorgeous with each wear.

How to buy fashion jewelry:

  • In excellent condition, fashion jewelry from fashion brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès maintain a high resale value over time.
  • Make sure the closure is functioning. There is no point of buying jewelry you can’t wear.
  • Make sure each stone is secure. If not, a vintage jewelry specialist may need to reset the stone.
  • Dull rhinestones can be cleaned. Cloudy rhinestones require more work.
  • If you are purchasing a strand necklace, make sure the thread is not breaking or loose. If so, you may have to restring it soon.
  • Having an aged patina is good. Having green corrosion or worn or chipped plating is bad. 

How not to wear vintage jewelry:

  • Do not wear jewelry while exercising, playing sports, cleaning, gardening or painting.
  • Take off jewelry when washing hands or applying lotion, cosmetic products or perfume as to not tarnish the metals or harm the stones.
  • Do not expose jewelry to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Avoid wearing jewelry in the snow and cleaning jewels with hot water. 
  • If wearing more than one piece of fashion jewelry at a time, ensure that the metals or stones do not rub against each other.

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How to store fashion jewelry:

  • Always use a soft jewelry pouch to store your fashion jewelry and ensure that each piece has its own pouch.
  • Lay each closed necklace or bracelet flat so that the metals do not rub against each other when in storage.
  • Store jewelry in a dark closet or drawer at room temperature.

How to clean your jewelry:

  • If your fashion jewelry is in great shape, use a cotton swab, jewelry cloth or an extra soft baby toothbrush to wipe away dirt.
  • While many industry experts say you can use lukewarm water and a clear mild solution to clean your jewelry at home, we always recommend taking it to a professional jeweler.
  • If your well-loved jewelry has any loose stones, pearls, strings or closures, take it to a reputable jeweler for repair and proper cleaning as soon as possible to preserve the integrity of the jewelry and to preserve it for years to come.