brooke davenport, dallas, what goes around comes around

Take a few style and entertainment tips from this Dallas socialite. Brooke Davenport is an interior designer and socialite who currently resides in Dallas with her husband and two daughters. She invited What Goes Around Comes Around into her gorgeous Highland Park home for an intimate dinner with Bag Snob’s Tina Craig. Here is what we learned about Brooke and how she throws the perfect party.

Tell us a little about your connection to Dallas.
I am a Texan at heart. I grew up in Austin and lived in Dallas for 6 years before moving to L.A. with my husband.

What sparked the move back to Texas from Los Angeles? Did you always know you wanted to come back?
I did! I always knew I wanted to come back and missed the Texas manners, hospitality, and lifestyle.

You are the quintessential hostess. What’s the secret to a perfect soiree?
Beautiful lighting, great candles, lots of flowers, and good booze!

No one should ever show up empty-handed for a party. What’s your favorite host gift to give or to receive? 
You can’t go wrong with a beautiful candle or a bottle of rare tequila.

Your parties have been buzzworthy in both Los Angeles and Dallas and you’ve been photographed at the most exclusive events and fundraisers. How does your personal style relate to your entertaining style?
My personal style is eclectic. You can’t go wrong with a kimono. It’s casually chic with a feminine twist. As a hostess, I’m more traditional and old school. Everything must be beautiful and just right!

What’s the one thing you can’t leave home without? 
My lip liner and a good shoe.

brooke davenport, dallas, what goes around comes around

All images courtesy of Steve Wrubel / What Goes Around Comes Around.