Fashion stylist Ian Bradley dropped by WGACA SoHo to style some looks for us and talk vintage. What is your favorite piece currently at WGACA? I'm really into the flannel with the gold studs, it's like Kurt Cobain meets Michael Jackson.
What are you most excited to wear now that the weather is colder? Layers! I love mixing my different jackets, coats, sweaters, and shirts; attempting to come up with new combinations each time.
Who are your biggest style inspirations? Most definitely my friends; I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by very creative/fashionable people, who are constantly giving me new ideas.
Any vintage shopping secrets? I still get my favorite vintage pieces from the thrift store I use to work at in high school, in Virginia. Ian, at left, in a WGACA shirt similar to the Bogatell.

Ian in the Maragall shirt.

Ian in the WGACA Malacora vest.