rosa crespo, fendi coat, what goes around comes around

Rosa Crespo wears a Fendi coat from What Goes Around Comes Around.

In the 1990s, name-dropping was the style du jour. Apparel and handbags emblazoned with logos and monogram prints were seen everywhere. Now brands are digging back into their archives and driving sales with their heritage prints and logo-heavy bags and clothing. This trend was hot on the Fendi, Dior and Gucci fall/winter 2018 runways and is showing no signs of slowing down this year. When Forbes asked: What are your most in-demand vintage items at the moment?  Seth Weisser, CEO of What Goes Around Comes Around, responded: Logo Mania. “We’re seeing classic prints and logos make a huge comeback across the board,” he said. 

Fashionista reported that as logo mania heats up on the runways, vintage retailers are reaping some of the benefits. Simply, those in the know don’t want to wait for new merchandise to hit stores when they can just revive the classics. Louis Vuitton items are highly sought-after as well as Fendi’s Zucca print, noted Seth in Fashionista. "Gucci's resurgence, under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, has resulted in their monogram pieces becoming hugely popular… Many style icons have helped elevate the trend and push its popularity."

However, like any trend that reappears, each generation puts its own spin on it. Here is how to wear the monogram trend now.

fendi, logomania, what goes around comes around

All clothing and handbags are from What Goes Around Comes Around.

Suit Up: Whether you’re headed to the boardroom or a brunch date, the monogram suit is back in action. This Fendi Zucca print suit looks like a seasonless monotone print from a distance which makes it the perfect investment piece. Pair it with a silk blouse or a casual tee for a chic dinner to date night look. Plus, you can separate the jacket and trouser for a totally different feel. Pair the jacket with a full skirt and pair the pant with an ankle boot and oversized sweater.

More Is More: Brand loyalty isn’t dead. Create a full look with one brand. This Fendi top and skirt can be worn separately but work seamlessly together. Add an iconic bag silhouette like the baguette or the mama – for a look that is timeless.

rosa crespo, fendi top, change belt, what goes around comes around

Rosa Crespo wears Fendi top and Chanel belt from What Goes Around Comes Around.

Luxe Remix: The secret to a great remix is not missing a beat. Don’t second guess wearing the pieces that you love together. Gone are the days of watering down an outfit. Instead of the high-low mix, try the luxe remix. Wear the Fendi shirt with the Gucci bag. The same is true with brown and black. Rock them together. There are no rules.

Pick One: Take a baby step into this trend. Choose one piece and let it speak for itself – like a Chanel belt or a fur-trimmed coat.