Opening it's doors in 1837, Hermes is one of oldest houses in Paris, although it was not always the gold standard in fashion.



Hermes began it's humble roots as an innkeeper's sixth son, Thierry Hermes, moved to Paris after the war an orphan and began working as a leatherworker. Hermes opened a shop in 1837, specializing in the horse harness's for carriage fittings. Thierry's vision of the horse and fine equipage remains the bottom line vision of the brand still today; luxurious leathers, masculine tailoring, heavy hardware and the stitch that will ultimately structure the accessories that keep Hermes a household name. The saddle stitch, which can only be performed by hand, is the stitch in the Kelly, Constance and Birkin still today and if done properly, will never come undone.


By the time Thierry's son Emile-Charles, and the second generation of family, took over the business in 1880, he moved Hermes to