Ever dreamed of being a Hollywood starlet in the 30s and 40s? Jet setting from set to set, one fabulous outfit after another? Then Marsha Hunt’s The Way We Wore is for you.




After signing to Paramount at the age of 17, Marsha Hunt went on to appear in 54 films for Paramount and MGM in 17 years. Her book, The Way We Wore, is largely a pictorial utilizing costume test photos, on-set images of casts & friends as well as fashion shoots for the model and actress. It’s a nostalgic history of style and glamour in other times. In a time where ‘leggy’ photo shoots were standard for the other actresses of the Hollywood camp, Hunt wanted to be taken as a serious actress. To do so, her managers set her up as a fashion model to avoid swim clad, pin-up stories on the actress. This gives Hunt an incredible repertoire of photos to use to really exemplify the fashions of the times. Hunt also tells stories from the set including wardrobe drama and fashion trends, including ‘grunge’.


More photos of the actress from the book, The Way We Wore below!