christie ferrari, chanel dress, what goes around comes around

Christie Ferrari wears a Chanel dress from What Goes Around Comes Around

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018 has officially come to an end and we’ve learned a few styling tips to stay fashion forward in tricky weather. Our favorite influencers dashed from show to show in some of our vintage pieces. However, their signature style shined through rain, slippery sidewalks, windy weekdays and cold snaps. It was influencer Christie Ferrari who had all the right moves for day one.

Here are a few styling tricks we learned from her singular outfit on a cool, rainy day.

Be transparent. The sidewalks were filled with clear umbrellas and transparent trenches that made it easy to stay dry without compromising showing off your style.

Sparkle by any means necessary. Those $10,000 Saint Laurent crystal-encrusted runway boots are still on everyone’s lust list. For that wear now experience, many of our style mavens are opting for a less pricey version for a similar look. In walks the glitter boot – an easier to maintain high-fashion style without the Kira Kira app.

Outerwear should have movement. We’ve all seen the coat casually draped across the shoulder. It’s more for style than function. The key to keeping warm and getting the shot is to have a coat with movement. Consider a cape, slouchy trench or sculptural puffer coat.

Layer your dresses. We’ve all had a killer dress and then became concerned with whether the outfit was “appropriate” for dropping temperatures. “When I first saw this piece, I immediately fell in love. I mean, who doesn't love a little Chanel in their lives, right?” Christie wrote. She layered a turtleneck and tights under her Chanel dress. The underlayer doesn’t take away from the statement piece. The look feels polished without looking frumpy.

Jewels are back. Minimalism has its place and it’s not now. Wear the pieces that you love and if you love more than one – wear them both. Take Christie’s double necklaces for example. Try mixing statement earrings or piling on bracelets too.