A week from, well... yesterday, two of our favorite fashion bloggers will be collaborating with WGACA! Daughter and mother duo, Jane of Sea of Shoes and Judy of Atlantis Home, will be curating our store front windows with inspirational props and pieces they find in our New Jersey Archive. We're all super excited to see what they come up with. The Archive is stocked with everything from vintage military and romantic women's frocks to rock 'n roll and a collection of kids' wear, so it will be interesting to see what direction they decide to go in. As you may also know Jane and Judy are big vintage fanatics like everyone here at WGACA, and have an amazing collection -- we haven't seen it in person, but the images of their antique-filled Dallas home and closets surely make any fashionista drool. That said, the two have decided to bring some of their tried and true vintage pieces to share with us lucky New Yorkers! That's right, some of Jane and Judy's personals will be up for grabs that evening as well. And, if we have to make it any more tempting, Duca Wine and Vision Vodka will be the cocktails of choice for the evening. We hope you can drop by our SoHo store next Tuesday and join in on some vintage-filled-fun!