What Goes Around Comes Around's data expert John Carroll may have math and coding down, but he had a hard time paying attention in health class. Health class was where he met Lena – his future wife. After a long-term friendship and a four-year courtship they got engaged and then married in their hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania. We asked the newlyweds how to make the most out of planning your dream wedding. Hint: It involves cake pops and Coldplay.

What was the easiest part about planning your wedding?

John: The easiest part was basically everything because Lena did an amazing job coordinating most of the planning process. 

Lena: Picking the cake-pop flavors. They were all so good it almost didn't matter what we chose. 

What was the hardest part about planning your wedding?

Lena: Agreeing on our first dance song. We eventually found common ground with Coldplay. 

Did you exchange gifts?

John + Lena: No, we exchanged handwritten love letters on the day of our wedding.

How did you decide on your wedding party gifts?

John: By working at WGACA I have learned so much about the vintage world so for me it was a no-brainer: Get those beautiful ladies some Louis V!

What's something you won't forget about your wedding day?

John: The first look! I hadn't seen Lena all day and I couldn't wait. Then the first look kept getting delayed for one reason or another. It was amazing when I finally got to see my bride in her dress. 

Any wedding planning advice?

John: Do your research at first and realize that you are never going to have 100% of the information you wish you had to finalize a decision. You also need to trust your gut in the end or else you will never get anything done. 

Lena: You can sweat the small stuff all the way until your wedding day. After that – just have fun!

Any wedding planning regrets?

John: I wish it was a little longer! There were so many people to see (230 guests!) and celebrate with that night. I wish I could have spent a little more time with each of them. 

Lena: That it's over.