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Sophia Macks shares with us the best advice she’s gotten from her mother Ellen Macks.

Describe your mom.

Sophia: It would come as no surprise that my mom is my no. 1 role model. I am lucky that the woman who happens to be my mother IS an incredible role model. The title of Mother doesn’t automatically qualify one as such. My mom is adaptive, self aware, sympathetic, curious, impossibly beautiful, a natural athlete, an observer, a question asker- her mind is always open and her care is tangible. My mom’s love is something you can reach out and touch.

How has your mom influenced your style?

Sophia: How has she NOT influenced my style?! Just look at my closet. Half of it is hers! She taught me the concept of “facile-a-porter” — something I adhere to religiously. When I was very little I would notice other moms in what I could only describe as “Mom clothing”, but my Mother would be in jeans and loafers. No one could take their eyes off her wherever we went, and I learned from her very quickly that confidence and the way one carry’s themselves is what “style” is.

Also, quite interesting, was her NON-influence. She let me wear costumes to school and layers of ridiculous skirts or allowing me to explore certain trends for myself even if they were a distaster! However, the most important way my mom has influenced my style is by instilling the idea that something really special can be worn forever. Style is not about shiny new things and accessories to signify status.

Sophia macks, Ellen macks, what goes around comes around


What have you learned from your daughter?

Ellen: My Sophia has taught me so much as the mirror that a first child is – the one that teaches her mother day by day how to be a mother. That isn’t a lesson I could learn from anyone else! From Soph, I learned about a different way of seeing and learning. She taught me about vision and making visions come true and how a powerful mind can imagine or picture something and then actually execute it. As a daughter and as a creative and has added infinite dimension to my life, heart, perception and understanding.

How has your mom influenced your approach to business?

Sophia: She is an incredible sounding board and interested in every detail of what I’m doing. She believes in me and her appreciation and constant belief in what I do is astounding. She never sugarcoats anything just because I’m her daughter. her character compels her to authentically understand each of her children and recognize, understand, and appreciate their talents. 

What’s the best advice your mom has ever given you?

  1. Always go.
  2. People should be both interesting and interested.
  3. A pair of good jeans and white shirt can take you anywhere.
  4. Say “thank you.”
  5. Close your mouth and listen.