Talking Fashion with Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal, vintage 501 jeans, what goes around comes around



Danish model Nina Agdal is changing the way we feel about our bodies one cover shot and Instagram post at a time. The model who has made multiple appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and has even posed nude for the magazine is not low on self-confidence. However, she took to Instagram in February when she was snubbed for a campaign for not being sample size. We talk to Nina about the fashion she loves and the parts she loathes about the fashion industry.

What makes you feel good in your clothes?

Whatever I’m wearing has to be comfortable. If a shoe is giving me a blister or the dress is too tight I won’t be comfortable and I won’t be able to enjoy myself. I do always think a pop of color –  whether it’s a shoe or a bag – is fun!

What do you love about vintage? 

I love vintage for the vibes that it instantly brings to a look. Whether it’s a pair of jeans, a bag or a piece of jewelry from your grandma’s treasure box, there is always a story behind it.

Is there a such thing as the perfect pair of jeans?

For me, it all depends on my mood. Some days I want just normal skinny jeans which I do prefer to be high-waisted — it makes your legs look longer. Some days, I like a boyfriend fit. Other days I like flares. I do think it’s very important that the fit is flattering on the booty though, that’s the most important to me! 

Tell me about your experience modeling that prompted your thoughtful IG post? 

I took a break from working as a model because I had to take some time to find myself and work on my anxiety. To be a model isn’t as easy as everyone probably thinks. Mentally it gets very tough. I was always criticized for being too big, too athletic, too short. There was always something and that eventually got to me. When I came back to work I showed up to the shoot confident and happy with what I looked like and felt like. I hit my breaking point and I was finally confident and strong enough mentally to use my voice. I wanted to speak up to let girls (or guys) out there know that I have insecurities too and that I’m a human with real feelings just like everyone else, and hopefully it changed the industry just a little – even if it’s one client or editor’s perspective. There’s such a big gap between being a fashion or runway model and a plus size model and I’m in that category in-between. The size 4-6-8s tend to be forgotten. 

Has the support from your fans made you think about modeling differently? 

The support has been incredible. I didn't know how people were going to react, but the fact that 99.99% of the response was positive and understood made me feel heard and also inspired me to keep speaking up if I ever have something to say. Social media is such a great platform to connect, to inspire, and get inspired. I want to use it to do that also, instead of just posting happy selfies or bikini photos drinking margaritas. It’s such a perception game. So now if I’m going through something I won’t hide it because the reality is no one’s life is perfect and if can help someone out there by posting a picture and creating a conversation, being honest and vulnerable it is so worth it.