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Natalie Lim Suarez, Rossana Lim Suarez, Dylana Lim Suarez

We asked Dylana and Natalie Lim Suarez to tell us about their mom and what they're getting her for Mother's Day. 

Describe your mom. 

Natalie: My mother is the strongest woman I know! She's funny, daring, and super smart. She was born in Singapore and raised in Malaysia before moving to Santa Monica, CA. I get a lot of my style from her. She's always been timeless and had a love for chic, designer clothes. She's also a creative. She would always sketch and make us clothes growing up. She can make anything! 

What was it like growing up in L.A? 

Natalie: I absolutely love my L.A. upbringing and the freedom to play outside in the sun. The suburbs really force you to think outside the box, get creative, and entertain myself. I really appreciate my simple L.A. upbringing because it forced me to dream.

Dylana: It was really great growing up in L.A.! We were born in Santa Monica, but our parents decided to move to the valley for the schools. I think having that suburban upbringing really helped us be who we are today. We were always looking for ways to be creative in a non-creative setting and that helped us stand out. Our mom always pushed us to work hard and to do things that not everyone else was doing, and I will always be grateful for that!

What’s the best advice she’s given you? 

Natalie: My mother taught me everything I know about running my own business  – from being a model to running my site. She taught me to have thick skin and a voice and to stand up for myself and be strong. She's fearless.

Dylana: She told me to always keep my head up and to never to be afraid to go after the things I want. I was always quite shy when I was in school, and she always motivated me to come out of my shell, to speak my mind, and to show people the things that I am good at. 

How did your mother’s ambition influence your own? 

Natalie: My mother always ran her own business and always encouraged me to take the unconventional route in life. My mother has travelled a lot growing up so she's opened up my eyes so much as well with her diverse culture and background. She makes me want to keep exploring and learning everywhere I go.

Dylana: My mother doesn't let things get in her way, and I've always admired that and always wanted to take parts of my mom's strengths and have them be a part of me. 

Rossana Lim Suarez with her Gucci Leather Bamboo Medium

What is your relationship like with your mom as an adult? 

Natalie: We're like best friends. She likes to say we're like sisters..."just one of the girls" when she's out with Dylana and I. I can tell her anything and everything. We talk everyday. 

Dylana: My relationship with my mom is wonderful! She is the most reliable person in our life! We are very open with her about everything we have going on in our lives. She was more strict with us when we were younger, but now I am grateful for that. It's because she always cared and wanted the best for us. She wanted us to always stay focused. Those are all good things. 

How did your mother’s style influence your own? 

Dylana: My mother was my main style inspiration! She had the best array of dresses and trousers and blazers. She sketched a lot when we were younger, and she let me color in all her clothing sketches. I really think she could have been an amazing designer! She made fashion feel really special and effortless in her own way. I wanted to have that same feeling about the clothing I wear. Our mom was always about quality and uniqueness and that really rubbed off on me.  

Natalie: She also introduced me to amazing designer vintage which really helped me appreciate the quality in how and where things were made. 

Why did you choose this gift for your mom? 

Natalie: She loves anything Gucci, and she likes a bag that works for the everyday. So, we thought: Let’s get her something black, classic, and with a beautiful timeless structure. I know she's going to live in it!