Award season kicked off yesterday with the 2018 Golden Globes. It’s the time of year where we focus on the best in film and television and Hollywood’s standout eveningwear choices. The topic on everyone’s lips was the color everyone would choose to wear to the award show. Some of the most powerful women in Hollywood took to social media to urge people around the country to wear black on January 7th to express solidarity for those who have been affected by sexual harassment and inequality in the workplace.

They also urged supporters to donate to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund. Time’s Up is an action plan supported by some of the top actresses in entertainment including winners Laura Dern, Nicole Kidman and Oprah Winfrey to “address the systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have kept underrepresented groups from reaching their full potential,” according to their website. One of the goals is to “enable more women and men to access our legal system to hold wrongdoers accountable,” per the site.

Tania Sarin Golden Globes WGACA What Goes Around Comes Around

Before recounting the outstanding performances worthy of nominations and Oprah’s thoughtful speech after receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement, the red carpet was full of celebrities chatting about their gowns from Gucci, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana and their political support for Times Up. Influencer Tania Sarin chose to wear a Chanel jumpsuit from our Beverly Hill’s flagship to the Golden Globes. “WHAT A NIGHT!” she shared on her Instagram. “So beyond empowering and inspiring.”