In honor of Paris Fashion Week, we are celebrating Chanel and the specific je ne sais quoi the iconic tweed fabric lends to every look. Whether you’re power-lunching or dressing up your denim with a bouclé blazer, Chanel tweed always suits the occasion.

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was a true trailblazer, as a designer, and as a woman. Often inspired by the practicality of menswear, she once borrowed a tweed blazer from her then boyfriend, the Duke of Westminster, and was instantly drawn to the durability and sophistication of the fabric. In 1924 she began producing her infamous tweed in Scotland; the fabrics are now woven in Paris at the House of Lesage. Chanel tweed remains an iconic staple of chicness and class 90 years later. 

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WGACA vintage Chanel tweed skirt suit

WGACA vintage Chanel bouclé jacket     

 Rita Ora in WGACA vintage Chanel blazer dress