On a Friday night in November, Brave Collection founder Jessica Hendricks Yee and our co-founders Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione hosted an intimate dinner at our Soho flagship to unveil the Like No Other Holiday Collection. The curated holiday collection includes vintage fur coats, holiday-inspired apparel, hard-to-find Hermès bags and the perfect gifts for a luxurious home or host. Guests also received a private tour of the 25-year-old luxury boutique that houses thousands of vintage finds dating back to the early 19th century in its vault.

Jessica, who is also the founder of Zahava – a lifestyle brand that reimagines traditions and heirlooms, asked everyone to bring an heirloom they could hold in their hands so they could also share its story. Guests were asked to unplug from their phones so they could be present for each story as each person honored their past. One guest shared a loved one’s Purple Heart and another shared a watch gifted to a family’s first college graduate.

“It’s astounding how profound this simple act is – in seconds, a room of people are left disarmed, connected, and open,” Jessica said. “Hosting a dinner such as this one creates a platform for us to help each other tap into the purest versions of ourselves, and walk with the confidence and beauty of who we truly are: a result of all of the stories that came before us, and the unique desires that will build our futures.”

The Like No Other Collection is available exclusively on whatgoesaroundnyc.com.