Usually the list goes like this: significant other, parents, siblings, co-workers. (Kids are the easiest. They will tell you EXACTLY what they want.) We take our list into the stores and realize that there isn’t a section that says “gifts all girlfriends will love” or “gifts all dads will love.” We shop for our loved ones and our friends based on their personality. Their chosen aesthetic, interests and lifestyle play an important role when choosing the best gift. If your list is filled with stylish, unconventional people like ours, this gift guide may be just what you need to take the stress out of shopping.



We can’t wait (or loathe) to hear about another exotic location our loved one explored this year. For the person that is constantly on the go, a helpful gift could be a travel essential that could make their life a little more luxe during every adventure. Whether it’s a quick weekend in the Caribbean or a winter getaway in St. Moritz, a pochette, backpack or continental wallet can be both practical and chic.



You could get him another necktie, but this time make it Hermès. Tired of his old raggedy t-shirt that he loves so much because it reminds him of his cooler, younger self? Get him a vintage t-shirt from his favorite band. The best thing about men’s vintage is that cool factor has already been tested and approved and each piece has its own history. Surely, the man in your life loves a good story. Give him the coolest story of all.



Everyone knows their own modern day Martha Stewarts. They are always inviting you into their magazine-worthy home and they can throw a dinner party for a dozen people without going into panic before the first doorbell ring. Give them something as exquisite as their entertaining style that’s not another bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine. A gift that assists in keeping their guest entertained like a vintage ashtray, decanter or a deck of playing cards is always a good find.


If you’re stuck on finding the right gift for that someone who has everything, we have a tip for you. Get her an opulent gift that she wouldn’t buy herself. Maybe it’s the Hermès Kelly she’s been lusting after for awhile or a new watch  –  make it something she would be happy to add to her collection.  

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It’s hard to find the perfect gift that celebrates your friendship and says “thank you for being the best person to talk to when I’m feeling my worst.” Filling a stocking full of their favorite things and a luxe surprise says “I love you for being you.”



Would you describe her as girly or ladylike? Does she prefer a love story over a drama? Buy her something that has a feminine silhouette like a top handle bag, lacy lingerie or a classic pearl necklace.  Gifts like these will evoke a timelessness that will give her all the Breakfast At Tiffany’s feels.



Tailored. Neutral. Iconic. Or what you would like to refer to as only likes black, white and camel. Gift an iconic classic that never goes out of style. It’s perfect for every age. Try a simple bracelet, a silk scarf or make her smile with a Chanel bag. Be sure to keep the gift-wrapping simple and sleek too.



She’s truly like no other. She’s your trendy friend that will try anything at least once like pink hair, sexy dresses, bright colors and bold prints. When you see a multicolored fur or rainbow print bags, you think of her.  Give her something completely out of the ordinary to commemorate all the times she inspired you to step out of your comfort zone.