WGACA x Bag Snob

We joined forces with the arbiter of handbag-taste, Tina Craig of Bag Snob, to curate a special luxury shopping list that will have everyone seeing (Hermès) orange with envy. The style maven dishes on what bags are a luxe must, how to hang in NYC like a true Snob, and why vintage fashion is well worth the investment. In honor of Mother's Day, for strong, stylish women everywhere. 

1. What is the best thing about being a mom?

Learning to love completely and unconditionally.

2. What is the greatest advice you’ve ever received?

Be generous, kind and speak to everyone the same— whether they bring you coffee or sign your paychecks. When you’re good to others, you are being best to yourself.

3. How did you get into luxury handbags?

My grandmother always had some sort of exotic structured bag dangling from her arm. When I was fussy, she would pull out sweet treats. When I got a splinter or hangnail, she would pull out dainty little scissors and fix me. If I lost a button running around, she had a small sewing kit to sew me back together. I thought it was magical.

4. What makes What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) your go-to destination for luxury vintage?

Highly curated eye for all things Hermes and Chanel. Some of the most rare and covetable bags have been discovered here!

5. What is your favorite purse you own from WGACA and why?

It’s hard to choose! I must say the new favorite is the Chanel micro mini Boy bag with gold embroidery. I just picked up a couple of months ago; it is the perfect symphony of edgy and glam. But my ultimate favorite is my orange Hermès mini Kelly 20cm bag with gold hardware. It’s highly collectible, especially after Hermes released the new version.

6. For vintage handbag buyers – what bag do you recommend as a ‘staple’ or a first purchase?

A Chanel classic flap bag in caviar, it will last a lifetime and beyond.

7. What is your favorite thing about vintage handbags?

The story they come with… how I wish some of mine could tell me of the tales they’ve lived!

8. How do you care for your vintage bags?

I store them in a custom-built bag closet with low humidity. I’ve learned that a cup of water in the bag closet will keep the skin from cracking but not so humid that it erodes the hardware. Keep them in their dustcover, laying down stuffed with acid free tissue (or your old clean t-shirts! Great way to save space). Every year or so I take the exotics in for maintenance, crocodile bags are like fine sports cars- they need regular maintenance. 

9. What qualities do you look for when making an investment purchase?

First and foremost, workmanship. The stitching, hardware, and materials should stand the test of time. The interior should be as immaculately made as the exterior. I always say you should be able to turn a bag inside out and use it. I generally stay away from man-made fabrics when purchasing an investment bag (unless it is from an artist collaboration).

10. Who is your favorite Haute Couture designer (dead or alive)?

Monsieur Christian Dior

11. Aside from vintage handbags, what else do you covet in WGACA’s vast vintage closet?

Furs, furs, furs! And sexy vintage metallic beaded tops.

12. You also have quite the collection of vintage Chanel jewelry. What makes vintage Chanel accessories so special?

It is age appropriate for all! I loved it when I was 18, and will love it when I am 80, just as my grandmother did. Chanel bags and accessories cross generations and truly never go out of style. 

Luxe of Love,


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